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RedPlum's New Coupon Printing Software effective 12/3

Begining Saturday 12/3, RedPlum will be initializing a new program for you to print your coupons from their website.  They are using a new Java Software Platform, their own secure patent pending software, that will make your coupon printing more streamlined and faster.

This new software will go live Saturday Morning.  You will no longer need to download a coupon printer application (if you are new to printing) to print your RedPlum coupons online.

I am personally looking forward to the new software program!  The other always seemed slow to me.

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I have not been able to print redplum coupons since this update started, I have disabled everything from popup blockers to antivirus and nothing works. I contacted redplum and they have no solution, said they would get back to me and it has been 3 weeks or more. Has anyone else had this problem?

Hi, I haven't had any problems printing from their new software The Java program is almost like Smart Sources. Are you able to print Smart Source Coupons? Be sure to see if you have Java enabled. Maybe I can do some research and see if I have a direct name over at RedPlum for you.

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